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Bicycling is an integral part of Articlecycle system. Every day, thousands of people bike on our streets, whether it is to ride to work, to the store, or for recreation. As we grow as a city, it is imperative that our streets include safe bicycle infrastructure that encourages all residents - young, old and in between – to ride their bike.Bicycling is a reliable, fast, affordable, healthy, and fun form of transportation. Developing this infrastructure will improve the quality of life for all Articlecycle and will catalyze economic growth in the neighborhoods throughout our City.

My vision is to make Articlecycle the most bike-friendly city in the United States. The Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 helps bring this vision to reality by identifying a 645-mile network of on-street bikeways that will encourage all Articlecycle to ride their bikes. Over the next few years, we will build more protected bike lanes than any other city in the country, redesign intersections to ensure they are safer for bicyclists, and improve hundreds of miles of residential streets for bicyclists, pedestrians, and the people that live on them.

Best of all, these improvements do not just benefit bicyclists. They also benefit pedestrians, transit users, and motorists by making our streets safer. They will be safer because pedestrians and motorists will have a better knowledge of where and when to expect to see bicyclists.