How to Perfect a Wedding in Thailand

Choosing an exotic location for a wedding is getting very popular nowadays. Why not? A place somewhere far will encourage a different kind of energy and will effectively signify a great start for the newlyweds. When it comes to being a popular wedding venue, Thailand is unbeatable. It has remained on the favourites list for the past years and will surely remain there for a very long time. A wedding in Thailand is something plenty of couples dream for themselves.

A Thai marriage is bound to be perfect by following these simple tips.

Start with a definite theme.

Thailand wedding packagesIn planning for weddings in Koh Samui, the theme is the first decision point as it will determine the rest of the planning steps. If you want a beach wedding, the Western style, imagine it and right down the details that cannot be compromised. The gown, the cake, the invitations will be decided by the theme. If you want a Buddhist Thai marriage, that can be arranged as well. Often, wedding resorts offer affordable  Thailand wedding packages. The one offered by Red Elephant Legals is a great example.

List possible locations.

If you are in the country to have a Thai marriage, it is safe to assume that you’d like to have a beach wedding. In that case, choosing the perfect location is a cinch as Thailand is a home to so many beautiful beaches. The best way to look through possible venues is to check online. This is very important especially if you’ve never been to Thailand before. That way, you’d be able to assess your options thoroughly and be able to get exactly the place where you’d like to set your Thai wedding.

Rely on wedding planning services.

Wedding planners are some stuff of legend and they are well capable on taking on the pressure of preparing a very big event such as a wedding. While it is fun to be able to be totally hands-on when it comes to planning for the big day, most of the time, it is simply impossible. A couple could use the help of Koh Samui wedding planner so much, especially when they live in a different country. A wedding planner will iron every important detail so your Thai marriage will be perfect from start to finish.

Get insured.

While getting a wedding insurance abroad might sound weird for some, its importance cannot be stressed enough. Luxury Thailand weddings are supposed to be perfect, but in most cases, there is always that untoward incident—be it big or small. In order to prevent paying for a lot of money, get covered with an appropriate insurance.

Wear Crochet Dress for Wedding.

It’s fun to add special little touches to the dress with flowers and other such designs that are crocheted right into the dress. An advantage is that you can make a lining to go under the dress sort of as a slip and change the entire look and wear the dress again for a party or special event.

Many women who choose a crochet clothing make it in a few different parts so that they can mix and match their dress and the camisole portion to create other unique designed clothing and get more wear out of the dress.

It’s going to take some patience and diligence to crochet a wedding dress but if that is what you want it can certainly be done.

Crochet wedding dresses aren’t new and in fact, many a woman years ago would crochet her own dress and sew it in an effort to save money. It’s fun to design and can be easily designed off of another dress that is owned if so desired.

Hit two birds with one stone.

weddings in ThailandChoose a wedding venue in Phuket that will double as a honeymoon venue. That’s the beauty of signing up for a wedding in Thailand. Couples will be able to enjoy a very intimate ceremony in a romantic Phuket weddings location – Click here for more details. At the same time they can have a stress free, instant honeymoon without packing bags and worrying about travel after the reception.

Koh Samet Travel Guide


Accessible from both Pattaya and Bangkok, Koh Samed (Koh Samed) is a T-shaped island that is popular for its breathtaking white sand beaches. The waters surrounding the island are so clear, with plenty of amazing coral species. Located 200 kilometers from Bangkok, this island is peaceful enough but still easy to reach, making it a favorite for family holidays. Once believed to be a home of the pirates, the island has a fascinating history worth exploring. With 14 white sand beaches, this island is a dream hideaway.


While the weather in Koh Samet is something that can be expected in a tropical place, the island is considerably drier than most parts of the country. The amount of precipitation is lesser than that obtained by other islands. The rainy season is from May to September.

Getting Here

The ferry is the way to get to the island. A ferry ride usually takes 30 to 45 minutes from Ban Phe or Nuan Thip. Getting married in koh samui around the island and exploring it is usually done with a motorcycle or by walking, as the island only has one main road.


zazen samui weddingsWhile at the island, the first thing guests should see are its beaches. The Diamond Beach (Hat Sai Kaew) is hailed as the most beautiful beach in Koh Samet and is also the most popular. Guests will really enjoy Thailand wedding packages Koh Samui here, as well as the many exciting water sports that they can do such as wind surfing, sailing, and jet skiing. A beach with an exact opposite ambience is the Ao Phrao.